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  • Drago replied to the topic Shadowrun game looking for players in the forum
    13 hours 7 minutes ago

    Hello Subgenius,

    Sorry for late replay, I didn´t got the notification that there was a replay on my post, so I didn´t bother to check the forum.
    Sadly I am novice to tabletop RPG, so I am not able to be a GM due to extreme lack of experience (I´ve only started playing recently).
    But if anything changes, and you start playing again, please let men know, I would be more than happy to join you guy.


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  • Yanan created a new topic ' Look for apartment, close to subway' in the forum.
    3 days ago

    Good evening everyone,

    I'm sally, just arrived in tianjin 3days ago. I ll work here, in Yingkoudao. I'm looking for an apartment with one room,hopefully close to the subway, my budget is 2000 RMB. I'm new to the city, I ll be happy to make more friends here. :) :)


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  • guanhong replied to the topic Computer repair? in the forum
    4 days ago

    maybe i can help you .pls add me QQ 20668801


  • guanhong created a new topic ' Teda apartment for rent' in the forum.
    4 days ago

    new apatment first time for rent ,it's near Teda subwaystation . it's named Dong ting road NO1 .it's near by the second street , the apartment is 70sqr 1 bedroom 1 living room and 1 bathroom ,the district environment is very good , the apartment have all news Electricals and Furnitures , 3500RMb per month ,if someone intresting .pls contact me at 13521669639 or wechat the same number .


  • guanhong created a new topic ' i have a new apartment for rent near Teda' in the forum.
    5 days ago

    i have a new apartment near TEDA wanna for rent . it's named Dong ting road NO1 . the apartment is 70sqr 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom ,it's far from TEDA subway about 1km , district environment is very good , and it's new apartment ,have all news Electricals and Furnitures , 4500RMb per month ,if someone intresting .pls contant me at 13521669639 or wechat the same number .


  • LC Relocation C21 replied to the topic Apartments. in the forum
    7 days ago

    With LC Relocation Service.We have considerable experience assisting expats relocate to Tianjin.We could help you with the apartment.Please drop us emial at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. will reply you ASAP.


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  • Rose replied to the topic Hello Newbies! (AKA "Introduce Yourself") in the forum
    1 week ago

    Hello. I'm a newbie. My name is Rose and I'm hoping to make some new friends. I'm from the US and have been in Tianjin since August of 2014.


  • shilei replied to the topic Replica watches in the forum
    2 weeks ago


  • rilke replied to the topic Hello Newbies! (AKA "Introduce Yourself") in the forum
    2 weeks ago

    Hi Code Blue,

    I'm also Filipino and my husband is Chinese! But we live here all the way in Dagang, one hour from the city. Are you in Tianjin City? There is an association of Filipinos who live in Tianjin. They have regular activities, parties, get-togethers, billiard tournaments, bible study, etc.


  • limon created a new topic ' Innovative IT training courses' in the forum.
    2 weeks ago

    IT training courses are developing a new class of professionals for the competent global IT industry. The technical qualifications include CCNP or Cisco Certified Network Professional, CCNA or Cisco Certified Network Associate, CCIE or Cisco certified Internetwork Expert and CEH or Certified Ethical Hacker. After the successful completion of the courses, the aspiring candidates can earn high remuneration from their global career. Many corporate and leading IT organisations are employing qualified new IT professionals. IT training courses are improving the career of an influx of professionals. Most young professionals update their knowledge in the field of IT with new training courses. These new training programs provide the candidates specific training in the IT field. There is an influx of young professionals seeking a better career in the IT industry. The developed industry is proving the best careers to both young professionals and adults alike. There are teams of skilled and trained faculties providing intensive programs in the IT field. These experienced trainers develop new skills and settle the aspiring candidates in a rewarding career. The global IT industry is the favourite of a large fraction of young professionals. The developed industry is also improving the career of professionals and enhancing their technical skills. Most young professionals are eager to develop their technical knowledge and achieve success in their IT career which is increasing the necessity of such professional courses. The newly developed softwares, new technologies and innovative applications are constantly providing novelty in the IT industry and luring young techno-savvy professionals. These courses are certainly the basis of the successful career and inspiring a host of new professionals into the challenging field.


  • Kurt replied to the topic Hello Newbies! (AKA "Introduce Yourself") in the forum
    2 weeks ago

    Hi guys, I just recently moved to Tianjin since my wife lives here. I am Filipino and my wife is Chinese. Hope I can make new friends here.


  • Kurt
    2 weeks ago

    Hi guys, I just recently moved to Tianjin. I am Filipino and my wife is Chinese. I desire an English teaching job here that can help provide a work visa. Do you guys know any schools or institutions that might hire me? My Wechat is: code_blue3000

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  • jon created a new topic ' Replica watches' in the forum.
    2 weeks ago

    Oh what a lovely euphemism.

    Had a look down Ancient culture street and there were a few just wondering if anyone knew an area for a better selection?

    Thanks in advance


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  • Chris Williams created a new topic ' VPN' in the forum.
    2 weeks ago

    Is anybody else having problems using VPN provided by ....ill ?
    I am currently prevented from accessing any websites using this VPN and as our company emails and website are currently blocked by god knows who here in Tianjin, this was the only way of corresponding with our UK office.


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