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  • Julian replied to the topic Hello Newbies! (AKA "Introduce Yourself") in the forum

    Hey Guys

    I'm part of a group of 12 Danes and two American's who'll be here in Tianjin for around 6 months, teaching English at a Kindergarten.
    We all live near the TV tower. Looking forward to meeting lots of people as well as getting to know Chinese Culture.
    If anybody can recommend places to go, things to do and sites to see, do write. We're nice people :)


  • Dan Landis replied to the topic Hello Newbies! (AKA "Introduce Yourself") in the forum
    5 days ago

    Good morning. I have been in Tianjin since August. I am an English and Geography teacher at Tianjin Foreign Languages School. My wife and I live near Tianjin eye - relocated here for a few years after living many years in California. Interests include learning Chinese, traveling, working out - pilates and zumba (which can't find here), and exploring China. Just thought I would say "ni how"


  • Dan Landis created a new topic ' Busco gente que hablan espanol' in the forum.
    5 days ago

    Buenos dias. Soy un maestro de ingles y geografia en un colegio internacional aqui en Tianjin. Mi esposa y yo estamos aqui hasta junio de 2016. El ano pasado ensene espanol en Oakland California EEUU. Busco gente que quieren charlar en espanol y tomar un cafe o trago. Tambien quiero aprender mas chino entonces tal vez podemos hacer un intercambio de ensenar. Saludos! Dan


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  • SRIS replied to the topic Re: Tianjin Rego - Unqualified Management Team in the forum
    7 days ago

    Well action in Shanghai has taken a MASSIVE leap forward in the last few days!

    Parents and Staff from Tianjin Rego who are owed money need to take legal action in court if they want to continue the struggle. The same level of action currently going on in Shanghai can only occur if there is proof of exhausting all legal means in Tianjin. The parents and staff of SRIS are at least a year a head of the closure of TRIS, so you people need to hurry up.

    Once this is done if you are from the UK, you need to write to your local Member of Parliament and register a complaint against the school and ask for the Minister of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to be informed of the situation you have faced. Other European citizens should do the same for their own countries representatives.

    Our Day will come!


  • CHANG HO SEONG created a new topic ' I want to make a rock and roll band together' in the forum.
    1 week ago


    i'm koeran

    Collect the people of various countries(korean, american,chiness,Japanese,Filipinos,rusian...) , i want to make a Hobbies rock and roll band.

    The recruitment guitarist(1 ,2nd) bassist, keybord, singer, drummer...

    including me Only recruited six people

    If you are interested call me anytime


    thank you...


  • billy replied to the topic Re: Tianjin Rego - Unqualified Management Team in the forum
    1 week ago

    I'm sorry to dig up old wounds, but I think it is a disgrace that these people walked free from scamming so many people.


  • shilei thanked Gary Gamble in topic Re: Horse Racing in China
    2 weeks ago
  • shilei replied to the topic Computer repair? in the forum
    2 weeks ago

    For computer go to yigao market:

    Then walk to shidai market
    To fix iPhone

    Don't hesitate to take you day, speak with vendors, compare price. These are 2 gigantic places, of many floors. But almost all people are reliable, don't pay till it's not fixed and you saw it. And don't go now, it's cny they are not happy to work ;-)


  • Anne created a new topic ' Computer repair?' in the forum.
    2 weeks ago

    I am in great need of a computer repair geek who speaks English! I have major problems with my ipad AND my brand new laptop. Need some help asap...thanks!!!


  • Anne
    2 weeks ago

    Hello. Does anybody know of a good computer repair person/place in Tianjin? Someone that speaks English? I'm having major issues with both my laptop and ipad and need help asap. Thanks!!!

  • Drago replied to the topic Shadowrun game looking for players in the forum
    3 weeks ago

    Hay are you still looking for players?


  • carrie
    3 weeks ago

    I am new here. still trying to figure out how this forum works. feel free to come and say hi to me

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  • sandrali123 Job Offered In Tianjin
    3 weeks ago

    one on one English teachers needed in Tianjin city, no experience necessary. we will provide free training and work visa. please contact
    sandra in wechat: sandrainchina, or call me at 18001022018,
    Sorry guys, we need English native speakers.

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  • Rebecca Stones replied to the topic Hello Newbies! (AKA "Introduce Yourself") in the forum
    3 weeks ago

    Hi all,
    I've been trying to get on this site for a while, but it seems the website has been upgrading. I hope the site's popularity returns.

    Anyway, I'm Rebecca and I have a postdoc at Nankai University for this year. I'm looking to make friends outside of the workplace, and particularly people in the LGBT+ community.

    - Becky


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